What is Trendy for Kitchens in Plano, TX? Tuxedo Kitchen, Backsplash Walls & More

One of the top recommendations from home renovation specialists across the globe is to stay on trend. Some trends tend to stick around longer than others and some almost never go out of style. If you’re renovating your home this year, you’re in luck. There are some timeless trends hitting the airwaves as we speak! JBS Custom Remodeling will keep you up-to-date on all the hottest home renovation trends, just check back to our blog often to stay informed! Most can agree when we say that our kitchens are the souls of our homes. From weeknight dinners, to family gatherings, no evening or party is complete without great food, and where there is great food, folks will gather. Following is what is currently trendy for kitchen designs.

Tuxedo Kitchens

For the past several years, the trend in kitchens has been soft gray cabinetry or all white everything. Experts agree that this is the year when dark, moody hues will make their comeback. Tuxedo kitchens are making a huge comeback. Black cabinetry and islands with white marble countertops and visually stunning black and white walls, tuxedo kitchens are in for 2019! Not only are tuxedo kitchens visually appealing, edgy and chic, they are practical in busy households. Especially those with kids. White cabinetry just doesn’t work well in busy homes where children roam, the black paint will hide more of life’s little messes and scuff marks.

Moody Hues in Kitchen

Step aside gray and white, navy and forest green are here to make a statement. If black isn’t your cup of tea, but you like the idea of a darker shade, then you’ll be pleased to hear that moody hues are making waves this year too! Dark navy cabinetry with gold accents or forest green are making a comeback this year too! These colors set the tone for a relaxing environment where people can really sit down and take a load off while they visit. These colors are very practical and give the room depth and warmth.

Blush Pink Kitchen Cabinets

Blush is taking over the kitchen color palette as the new neutral. Blush pink has been popular for years and now it’s making its way into kitchens everywhere. Pair it with natural colors for an inviting and calming aesthetic, or couple it with other bold colors and designs as a way to soften the space.

Backsplash Walls in Kitchen

Over the past few years, backsplashes were just a few rows of tile above the counters. Now we are extending this accent all the way to the ceiling Designers everywhere agree this elegant and visually stunning design tactic adds texture and flavor to the space while keeping practicality in mind. It gives the space a clean and cohesive feeling.

Built-In Bench Seating in Kitchen

Kitchen nooks have always been in style. Now add in the luxury of built-in, cozy, bench style seating and you’ll want that cup of coffee to last for hours. These built in benches allow for extra storage to store throw pillows, blankets, board games, even dining sets or centerpieces. This cozy and comforting setting will turn family dinners into family game nights. Some are even opting for bench furniture pieces to alleviate the cost of built-in seating.

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