How Do You Modernize a Laundry Room in Grand Prairie, TX? Cabinets, Sink & More

Most people will enter into a remodeling project to help enhance the bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. However, most people never consider remodeling their laundry room. It is amazing how much time we spend in our laundry rooms. Have you ever wished laundry can be made simpler or more easily accomplished? JBS Custom Remodeling will share some laundry room remodeling tips that can enhance and improve the endless chore of laundry, and make it more simple and more desirable.

Washing Machine & Dryer Combos

The main element in any laundry room is the washing and drying machine. When you plan to remodel your laundry room, know your options when it comes to your machinery. For smaller wash rooms with little space, you may wish for extra storage. This can be made easy if you replace your washing and dryer machines with a stack-on. There is a wide variety of stack-on washing and drying machines that can help provide your small washing room with additional space. Many laundry rooms are installing cabinet systems that provide drawer space underneath the washer and drying machine for linens or cleaner storage. When redesigning your laundry room, look for ways you can claim more space with the different washing and drying machine options in today’s markets.

Laundry Room Cabinets

How many cabinets are in your laundry room? Are they standard cabinets? There are many built-in laundry cabinet systems that can help provide you with more space, functionality, and storage options. Some people will choose to air dry their more sensitive clothing. Where do you hang them? You can install a clothing rack with a rubber pan to catch any dripping water and provide a place for your clothes to dry. Rag hanging racks can also help make laundry easier.

Sink & Countertop in Laundry Room

When designing your cabinet system, also consider adding counter tops. Counter tops are perfect for placing laundry baskets on or even taking the stress out of folding laundry. How many times do you bend over to pick up a piece of cloth to fold and put it away? This can become very stressful on your back. Provide some relief for yourself and never forget about adding a counter top inside your laundry room. Don’t stop at counter tops. Go ahead and add a sink! Sinks are great in a laundry room. They provide an area to work out stubborn stains, or for pre-soaking. You will be glad you added a sink in your wash room when you see how often it comes in handy.

Mud Room Dog Shower / Bath

Depending on your laundry room’s location in your home, a laundry room can be converted into a laundry room and mud room. This is a place for those who work hard can come home and dispose of their dirty clothing and take off their shoes. This will help keep your entire home cleaner. For those with pets, adding a pet bathing station is amazing. Winter baths outside is simply torture on you and your pets. The icy cold water can get you and your pet sick. However, you really shouldn’t bathe your pet in the bathtub either. The solution to this problem is adding a pet bathing station in your laundry room where the mess is confined and easily cleaned.

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If you want to remodel your laundry room and revise the way you do laundry, consider these few suggestion to make your laundry room better. If you need assistance remodeling your home, contact JBS Custom Remodeling today!

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